Cardi B made her own ASMR video with a rug and a baby toy, and it’s honestly super relaxing

W Magazine has a series where they invite celebrities to record their own ASMR videos, aka autonomous sensory meridian response videos, which offer an auditory-sensory experience that can elicit positive feelings. Most of the famous people they invite into their ASMR studio don’t really get what ASMR is and it turns into a weird pseudo-sexual jokey thing. Cardi B, on the other hand, is a huge ASMR fan and her foray into the industry is honestly pretty great.

Cardi played with a kid’s toy, whispered “okurrr,” and did something with a rug that was oddly relaxing to listen to. Cardi clearly took her ASMR duties seriously, because the comment section is blowing up. One YouTube commenter even said “she’s got one of the those golden whispers” which is apparently “magic for asmr.”

In the video, Cardi said her husband Offset thinks it’s weird that she loves ASMR so much, which she says helps her fall asleep because of the “tingly, tingly, tingly sensation.” Earlier this year Cardi tweeted that she watches ASMR videos all day and said her favorite ASMR artists were “this Russian girl who live in America and this British lady on YouTube” who fans on Twitter later identified as Gentle Whispering Maria and Whispers Red. Cardi also told BBC Radio in December 2017 that she loves listening to ASMR videos online because “they just talk and they make you go to sleep, basically.”

The rapper also once did an ASMR version of her song “Bodak Yellow,” though her recent W Magazine video is much better.

Brb going to listen to 13 minutes of Cardi B petting a rug and fall asleep.

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