Cardi B uses this $5 concealer to cover up her under-eye bags

The past couple years have been an absolute whirlwind for Cardi B — her rapid ascent to the A-List has kept her crazy busy, not that you would know it from looking at her. Being an internationally renowned rapper has its perks, but she has been on-the-go for a very long time and it takes a toll. But when it comes to covering up those pesky under-eye bags, Cardi B’s go-to is a $5 concealer you can pick up at Ulta.

Turns out that when you’re traveling the world and working your buns off, you don’t get quite as much rest as one might hope. Which is why a good concealer always comes in handy.  Cardi B’s makeup artist, Erika La’Pearl spilled the beans in an interview with E! News, saying:

"I'm not saying this is bad, but she does have bags. She works 24/7, so she doesn't get much sleep."

So when she needs a little cover-up, La’Pearl employs the help of LA Girl HD Pro Concealer in Orange. This takes care of any under-eye darkness Cardi B might have and makes her look wide awake even if she’s been on a plane for 15 hours. This old-school fave concealer makes Cardi look fresh as a daisy — sometimes, it’s best to stick with the tried-and-true products you know work.

If you want to get your hands on LA Girl’s HD Pro Concealer, you can pick it up at Ulta and your local drugstore for $4.99.

Doesn’t get much easier than that!

It comes in a range of wide range of shades to accommodate a diverse variety of skin tones, as well as color-correcting shades like purple, green, yellow, orange, and more. Cardi B likes the orange shade to neutralize the dark circles since it’s crease-proof, opaque, creamy, and lightweight.


After that, La’Pearl tells E! News that she adds some light to the area with Sisley Paris Instant Eclat, which also blurs fine lines. This is a bit more of an investment, but who doesn’t love some of that high-low beauty? It’s all about finding your perfect routine.

Do you have an affordable concealer go-to like Cardi B?

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