Attention all french fry lovers, you need this “Carb Queen pin”

It’s Friday, finally. All of our week-long dreams of falling into bed pant-less and stuffing our faces with french fries and bread can now come true, and godspeed, it’s felt like a wait. If you like to coordinate your outfits with your mood, then we found the cutest pin that captures the spirit of our weekend couch potato TV binge-watching habits perfectly.

Unsurprisingly, this one of a kind pin lives where so many crafty accessories and creations are found on the internet: Etsy. The gift which we speak of is a Carb Queen pin made by the Etsy user Sabretooth Dream, and it features a portrait of a potato pageant queen (AKA A PORTRAIT OF US) with legs emblazoned with a sash that says “Carb Queen.”

This is exactly how we feel spiritually, after a long week tinkering away at our jobs.


Or really, any evening we’re not at work.

There’s even a rare photo of the Carb Queen pin in her natural potato-filled habitat.


It only costs $9 dollars, which is completely within our budget. If you’re feeling this pin on a spiritual level as strongly as we are, we suggest you grab it immediately.

It just feels so good to finally be seen, you know?!

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