Cara Delevingne’s new tattoo on the back of her neck will give you goosebumps

You know that saying about there being, “eyes in the back of one’s head?” Well, Cara Delevingne has gone and taken that statement quite literally. Case in point, the famous tattoo parlor Bang Bang NYC, posted a picture of Delevingne’s new neck tattoo on their Instagram, and it will totally give you goosebumps… in the best kind of way. The tattoo is of, you guessed it, two gorgeous eyes with long lashes. But, it’s not the eyes themselves that invoke this feeling of amazement. No, it’s how the tattoo artist brought them to life and how it feels like they’re staring directly at you.

The tattoo is incredibly detailed. From the eyelids, to the lashes, to the pupils and irises that have a twinge of light reflected in them to invoke a sense of realism, the inking is a true work of art. In fact, the tattoo is only made more impressive by the fact that the Instagram post is actually a short video, both zooming in and panning out of the view of the tattoo in order for their followers to see it from different angles so that they can understand that no matter the view, the feeling when one looks at it remains the same—total awe.

The only downside of this tattoo is that the Suicide Squad actress doesn’t get to see it for herself as readily other people can. Sure, she can sneak a peak in a mirror or snap a picture of her neck to get a look, but that somehow doesn’t feel like it’s doing the remarkable tattoo its due justice. And, boy, does this tattoo deserve the utmost credit for its brilliance.

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