Cara Delevingne’s dress may be stunning, but her earrings are where it’s at

While everyone else was oohing and ahhing over her Glamour Women of the Year gown, we couldn’t take our eyes off of Cara Delevingne’s earrings. Because while she may have been wearing a pair of simple gold hoops, those little earrings stirred up a certain nostalgic yearning in us that we just can’t seem to shake — and now all we’re thinking about is where to get a pair just like hers!

You see, back in the ’90s, when we were all getting our ears pierced at Claire’s, the thing to do was get little gold hoops. And when we saw this flat, wide pair on Cara — a modern take on a ’90s classic, of course — we were flooded with memories of our way-back-when jewelry.


Are you dying to get your hands on a pair now? We thought so!

We put together a list of some small gold hoops that will make you feel as chic as Cara, and will also (hopefully) bring back memories of a time when things were a little more joyful than they are right now. (We know earrings aren’t magic, but we hope they can at least bring a bit of a smile to your face.)

Let’s shop!

Mostly Sweet Jewelry “Hammered Gold Hoop Earrings”


Get them here starting at $300.

Shai Harel “Thin Gold Hoop Earrings”


Get them here for $45.

Ekata Designs “Hexagon Earrings”


Get them here for $33.

Lotus Handmade Hoops “Small Gold Hoop Earrings”


Get them here for $18.58.

Mystic Moons “Gauged Hoop Earrings”


Get them here starting at $18.95.

Twisted Designs “Fish-Shaped Hoops”


Get them here for $18.

LNR Design “Hammered Thick Small Hoop Earrings”


Get them here for $25.

Enjoy your ’90s throwback — you deserve it!

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