Cara Delevingne describes her “Valerian” audition, and introverts beware!

Sometimes it seems like it would be pretty easy to be an actor, right? Well, after hearing about Cara Delevingne’s audition for Valerian, you might wanna rethink that. The model turned actress will be in the upcoming movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets from Luc Besson, who is responsible for the sci-fi action films The Fifth Element and Lucy. For such an unconventional film, the unconventional filmmaker required a lot from Delevingne in her Valerian audition and from the sound of it, she more than earned the part.

In an interview with V magazine, Delevingne insinuated her audition for Besson was not necessarily what she was used to from her other films like Paper Towns, Pan, and Suicide Squad. She said:

"I had to prove myself, but not in a typical audition setting. Luc would say stuff like, 'Make up a story in your head and describe it to me using no real words, just physicality and random sounds you make up.'"

And if that doesn’t stress the introverts out there enough, she said that Besson also directed her to do things like:

"Think of an animal and act it out and I have to guess what animal it is."

Yet, this tough audition was definitely for a good reason, since Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets looks totally bonkers in a really great way.

Although Delevingne isn’t Valerian in the film — that’s Dane DeHaan — she plays his space-and-time-traveling sidekick, Laureline, so she’s an integral part to the film.

And it looks like Delevingne’s crazy audition will be worth it if Valerian ends up being half as good as the trailer is.

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