Cara Delevingne’s towel animal looks a little bit NSFW, and we are questioning everything

When fashionista and actress Cara Delevingne announced a year ago she was taking a break from modeling, we were S-A-D. What would we do without her fantastic style in our glossy magazines? So imagine how excited we were when we learned yesterday that Cara Delevingne would be the face of Chanel‘s new Gabrielle bag advertising campaign. This news comes after Cara Delevingne walked Chanel’s Metiers d’Art show last month and was the face of Puma’s ads in September. The woman can’t help it — she’s a walking style icon, what with her sweet bomber jackets and unique jewelry choices.

Of course, when Cara Delevingne isn’t delighting us with her great style, she’s posting hilarious Instagram asides. And her latest Instagram is no exception.

What is Cara Delevingne implying here?

Some hotel employee got carried away. Yikes.

The culprit should have watched one of the many instructional YouTube videos available! Such as:

Or maybe the towel is supposed to look so NSFW. Maybe it’s an elephant?? Who knows? There’s some humor in there, for sure. And frankly, there’s a lot of hilarious art you can do with towels. Just look:

Why, yes, that’s a dinosaur

The googly eyes are a classic touch

We can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans Cara posts about next! Hopefully it’s more hilarious towel animals.

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