Cara Delevingne and St. Vincent have the most adorable way of battling paparazzi

As a society, we’re obsessed with celebrity culture. For better or worse, there’s always something alluring about those who exist out of reach; and for us plebeians, the thought of two beautiful, famous, and talented humans coming together is often more than we can handle. When you’re one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood, all eyes are on you — and as a result, the paparazzi follow your every move. But celebrities are people, too; and sometimes, they just want to have a quiet night out without a thousand cameras flashing in their faces. So what’s a celebrity to do?

Recently, Cara Delevingne asked her Twitter followers for solutions to the paparazzi problem after a photographer tried to get a picture up her skirt. (FYI: This is sexual harassment and absolutely inexcusable.) After fielding hundreds of suggestions, the superstar model and actress posted this cryptic tweet about her plans to come — and she more than delivered.

In a video posted to her Instagram earlier this week, Delevingne and her girlfriend, St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark), are shown running from their car while wielding water guns and soaking any paparazzi in their way. (Rather appropriately, Delevingne captioned the video, “Pay back.”) The photographers can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, and both women seem to be having an awesome time. In fact, we might just bring a couple water guns to our next date night.

Overall, it was a perfect and silly solution to a common celebrity problem — and we think they got the message across loud and clear.

(Images via Shutterstock, Instagram.)

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