Cara Delevingne shared the meaning behind her newest tattoo and we’re so inspired

We found out recently that Cara Delevingne got a new snake tattoo, which isn’t shocking, because she has a dozen already and as we’ve heard from literally every single person we know who has a tattoo, they can be rather addictive. She went to the same tattoo artist that Drake recently visited for his own brand new flaming skull tattoo, so apparently, if you want something kinda edgy and badass, Dr. Woo is the tattoo artist to the celebrities. (And he’s in London, so you miiiight want to add a flight budget to your tattoo savings goals. We’re just sayin’.)

We weren’t sure if Cara just liked the image, or if it meant something deep to her until she opened up to The Sun recently, saying, “it’s about re-invention, shedding of old skin, new beginnings, new life.

The snake also ends in the word “feral,” which Cara thinks describes her personality.

Tabloids are speculating that the desire for a tattoo inspiring her to a new beginning comes from her recent breakup with St. Vincent, but like, not everything has to do with relationships, y’know? Everybody needs a little encouragement now and again, and we love the idea of having something in a highly visible place she’ll see often that says something important to her.

Cara now has more than 20 tattoos, and some of them have a special meaning. On the other hand, others don’t. Cara previously told Grazia got a lion tattoo because she’s a Leo and to encourage her “inner fire.”

She also has a tattoo of bacon, and the meaning behind that one is obvious.

"The tattoo was inspired by my love for bacon, obviously. I think of bacon every five seconds," Cara said.

Now that’s a meaning we can all get behind.

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