Cara Delevingne showed us our new favorite way to style a pixie haircut

We’re almost back in the ’20s. Think about it — a hundred years ago, the United States was about to enter the golden era of fashion, not to mention the daunting era of prohibition. While we’re thankful to live in a time when women have more rights than they did a hundred years ago, we still manage to find style inspiration from the decade. Specifically, Cara Delevingne’s waved pixie cut is giving us major flashbacks to the roaring twenties.

Cara’s style is also inspiring our futuristic take on the decade as the next approaches (time flies, guys).


Cara wore this look to the premiere of Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets, looking like a vintage-inspired alien babe who’s ready to save the world, steal our hearts, and throw the coolest Gatsby-style party around.

While it may feel like those of us with short hair have fewer options for styling, Cara reminds us that with a little creativity, and a lot of hair gel and patience, anything is possible. This is the futuristic take on the finger wave that we didn’t know we were missing.

Of course, Cara’s hair was only outdone by the incredible silver sculpted gown she wore on the red carpet.

The futuristic dress also feels vaguely reminiscent of the old days, thanks to slinky floor-length silhouette. Paired with Cara’s sunset-colored hair? That’s a match made in Valerian.


Next time you’re not sure how to style your pixie cut, take a cue from Cara. Grab your straightening iron and some setting spray, and finger wave your hair for a new take on flapper style. Just think of it like practice for the new ’20s, with a blessing from Cara.

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