Watch Cara Delevingne handle these rude reporters

Paper Towns star and all-around angel face, Cara Delevingne got caught up in the most awkward interview of all time yesterday when she appeared on the morning talk show Good Morning Sacramento. The interview had a bumpy start when one of the hosts introduced Cara as Carla, but the actress shook it off.

Then that same host asked Cara if she had read the John Green novel that the Paper Towns movie is based on. Normally, this kind of question could be used to start a conversation about literature versus film and whether or not fans of the book will be fans of the movie. Unfortunately, the host kind of made the question about whether or not Cara was responsible as an actress.

“Do you even have time to sit and read?” the host asked. “These days you’re so busy.”

Cara couldn’t resist responding with a bit of sarcasm. “No, I never read the book or the script,” she said. “I just winged it.”

Then she got serious and gushed about John Green for a second. “If you haven’t read his books,” she said. “You should. Don’t miss ‘em.” This didn’t save the interview, though.

A third host jumped into the conversation, talking about how much he loved the movie because the teenagers spoke so eloquently, like he wished he could have carried himself as a kid. It sounded like a compliment, until the host rudely said that Cara seemed more excited in other interviews that she’d done weeks prior. “Are you just exhausted?” he asked.

Cara tried to be a good sport, but was obviously bothered. When she said she was still excited, but maybe lacking some energy first thing in the morning, the first host called her irritable! “Maybe it’s just us,” she said, trying to cover for her rude remark.

“No, I think it’s just you,” Cara said.

Rather than apologizing for wrongly accusing the 22-year-old actress of having a ‘tude, the host put an awkward cherry on top of the most unprofessional interview sundae ever. “You go take a nap, have a Red Bull, how about that?”


Cara’s connection was cut right after. These interviewers are now getting skewered all over the Internet, and for good reason. They assumed they knew about Cara’s personal life – about her busy schedule, about her mood, about her energy level. Instead of looking at the amazing work she does as an actress and model, and understanding that she’s clearly a hard-working young lady, they jumped to the conclusion that she’s young and … irritable. It’s really a shame that they put Cara in a situation where she had to stick up for herself like that.

Good luck booking celebrities for future interviews, Good Morning Sacramento.

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