Cara Delevingne was photoshopped to be thinner in “Suicide Squad” and we’re bummed

The visual effects in the blockbuster movie Suicide Squad were pretty spectacular to witness. However, recently released behind-the-scenes footage of the movie show that Cara Delevingne’s body was clearly photoshopped in her role as the Enchantress. It’s definitely not something we’re stoked to hear, especially considering how much photoshop is being used these days to slim down women’s bodies. How are we still stuck in an age when a woman’s figure must be altered in order to be distributed to the mass public?

It’s no doubt that Cara Delevingne is a beautiful woman. She’s a supermodel actress who takes care of her body and encourages all women to love the skin they’re in.

So it’s incredibly frustrating to think that even her body is being censored in Suicide Squad, particularly when you think about the fact that Cara doesn’t exactly look like the average everyday woman.

This video shows the breakdown of visual effects that took place on the set of Suicide Squad. Make no mistake, it’s an amazing process to watch, but you’ll see how Cara has been photoshopped.

If you look closely, you’ll see that her stomach has been flattened and toned after all the effects have been added, as if Cara’s figure wasn’t beautiful or thin enough to play the character of the Enchantress. It’s enough of a difference to make us shake our heads and wonder what kind of effect this has on young women everywhere.

We can’t believe we even have to say this, but nothing about Cara’s body (or yours, for that matter) needs to be edited or photoshopped.

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