Cara Delevingne is terrifying in this new “Suicide Squad” video

We’ve been stoked about the Suicide Squad movie for a long time (and we’re obviously not the only ones). It seriously looks like it’s going to be one of the raddest movies this entire summer. And every time we see another detail, we’re even anxious for August 5 to arrive so we can go experience the awesomeness that is this anti-hero epic story.

While the storyline itself looks amazing, it’s only part of the reason we’re so excited about the film. The other part is the absolutely incredible ensemble cast that we get to see onscreen together.

And we’ve already seen a few moments of just how insane she’s going to be (in a good way but also in the insane way…) that have been terrifyingly impressive. But she recently shared a short vid of her upcoming character in action on her Insta page that has totally blown us away.

Between her eerie-sounding dialogue of “Let’s do something fun” and a bunch of terrifying shots of her both scared of and totally owning her incredible powers, it’s a pretty amazing (not to mention informative) vid.

And every shot of her staring at us with her powerful, glowing eyes totally makes us feel like she’s seeing directly into our soul (and like, stealing it because did we mention she’s legit intimidating looking?).

The video ends with a quick rundown of exactly who here character is which is both informative and awe-inspiring. If you’re not familiar with the Suicide Squad characters (yet), this quick run down makes you even more ready to meet them by giving you some surprising facts. I mean, did you know she’s actually over 6,000-years-old and doesn’t know the extent of her powers? Which is even more nerve-wracking to think about considering she’s about to be let loose on the world.


And by nerve-wracking, we of course mean we absolutely cannot wait!

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