We have eyes for Cara Delevingne’s new neck tattoo and it has eyes for us

We’re pretty much obsessed with tattoos — especially the unconventional ones. Throw Cara Delevingne into the mix, and we get even more excited! The actress and model got a new addition to her tatt collection recently, and it’s the most eye-catching one we’ve seen in a while…literally.

According to Teen Vogue, Cara went to the folks over at Bang Bang NYC and got a pair of eyes on her neck to accentuate the gorgeous  ink she got back in 2014. It’s a far cry from the toe emoji Cara let Margot Robbie tattoo on her, but it’s super fitting for the adventure-seeking beauty. We’re not sure of the meaning behind the eyes just yet, but when thinking of Cara’s personality, we know it’s something really cool.

We love it!

Speaking of models and their unusual ink, Cara’s gal pal Kendall Jenner recently surprised us all with her new tattoo she got inside her lip. It was definitely odd, but you know what they say…birds of a feather.

We’re clearly fans of Cara’s new ink. It’s hard to imagine what the beauty will get next, but we love the way she keeps us on our toes!