Cara Delevingne looked like the most badass biker chick at the “Suicide Squad” premiere

The new comic book movie from DC, Suicide Squad, is out this Friday. It features several supervillains, who team up to save the world, and the stars were rocking that hardcore vibe at the European premiere yesterday.

Check out Cara Delevingne in this fabulous biker chick look!


Cara plays Enchantress, a powerful sorceress, and we totally buy it. She definitely looks like she could do some serious damage in that outfit! We love the height of those boots mixed with the see-through black of the top and skirt.

We LOVE this kick-ass leather jacket!


We love the decorative hardware, and the softness of the fuzzy sleeves.

And take a look at the back!


The see-through back panel and forearms give the jacket an ethereal edge that we love.

She is definitely our goth fashion fantasy!

We are definitely under her spell!

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