Cara Delevingne was officially the most hilarious person on the ‘Paper Towns’ set

Paper Towns hit theaters this weekend, and in addition to being super-excited that the new John Green movie is finally here, we also are loving the press tour, which is giving us all kinds of awesome behind-the-scenes scoop, including our favorite news to date- Cara Delevingne was apparently, far and away, the silliest and most hilarious person on the Paper Towns set.

Let’s run down our favorite goofs, shall we?

That time she dressed up like a giant hot dog just because

As Entertain This reports, Delevingne saw a hot dog suit at an antique shop (Where is this place? We have to go, road trip everyone!) bought it and proceeded to set in her Oscar Meyer finest.

“I walked up to everyone in this hot dog suit,” she explained to ET. “And I kind of danced around a bit. And I was swinging fake bananas on a string which I bought as well. Everyone kind of fell over laughing.”

She directed a music video in between shots

So, for those that have never been on a movie set, it takes a LONG time to set up shots (lighting, you guys, it takes literally FOREVER to make a movie look pretty enough to shoot). Which means actors spend a heck of a lot of time hanging around while the crew does their thing.

Director Jake Schrier recalled a stunt Delevingne pulled once while waiting to shoot:

“Suddenly, all our extras were gone. Cara had conscripted half of them and convinced them into doing a dance video. All that happened in the span of 20 minutes, in between set ups. All of a sudden she was dancing in a Soul Train line in between them.”

We hope it looked a little something like this:

That time she made everyone go to the waterpark with her

As Delevingne’s costar Nat Wolff recalls, at a certain point during shooting, Delevingne got really obsessed with the idea of getting her waterslide on.

“She looks off and goes, ‘Is that a (bleeping) waterslide?’” Wolff told ET. “And she’s pointing across the street. Everyone is kind of tired. And she’s like, ‘I want to go on the water slide.’ But it’s 2 a.m. and its closed for the day. A week passes by and she goes, ‘Nat, we’re all going to the water park. She got us all tickets to the water park, the whole cast. We ended up riding all day.”

Delevingne completely owned how right she was about the whole waterpark thing:

“It was the funnest thing in the world. We had been working so hard. So it was just going out there to be kids.”

Plus all the inside jokes that will forever remain secrets between Cara Delevingne and John Green

Green told ET that “my stories are between me and Cara” but he DID give us this teaser of a quote: “[Cara] “is (bleeping) crazy. I don’t know if you can put that in the paper. But I have never met anyone like her.”

Cara, you slay us, never change.


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