Cara Delevingne is insulted that Taylor Swift’s cat is so rude

Our feline pals are always there to snuggle with after a long day. Quiet and independent, cats are the perfect pets if you find yourself needing alone time to decompress often. With their unique personalities, you never know what kind of mood you’re going to get from the furball, and Cara Delevingne knows this all too well.

The gorgeous model shared an intimate moment with known celeb cat, Olivia (who belongs to Cara’s BFF, Taylor Swift) on Instagram, and we can’t help but find it absolutely hilarious! In the first half of the short video, we see Cara snuggling sweetly with Olivia. But Olivia quickly realized she was on camera and did not approve; she jumped right off the bed! Cara, not expecting Olivia to stop so abruptly, looks absolutely shocked by her behavior and calls her “rude!”

We don’t know if we’re crying from laughing so hard, or if Olivia’s moodiness sadly reminds us of how neglected we feel from our own cats. Either way, we can relate to Cara’s reaction, for sure!

Lucky for Cara, she has a slew of other critters to snuggle with when Olivia isn’t feeling it. Cara is such an animal lover, and all of the little critters know it!

Like Nicole, the gorgeous tiger that scared the living daylights out of us when she jumped towards Cara.

And Leo, Cara’s sweet ‘pup pup’. Sooooooo cute!

Can’t forget about the time Cara visited a rainforest and attracted all of the cutest monkeys to her balcony!

But seriously, how could you NOT love Cara, or Taylor’s slightly rude cat?!

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