Cara Delevingne just landed her first major TV role, and she’s going to play a fairy

Amazon’s upcoming series, Carnival Row, sounds preeeeetty awesome so far. And now it sounds even better, because Cara Delevingne just joined the cast. (As if Orlando Bloom wasn’t enough to tempt us already.) Add in some cool genre elements, Amazon’s usual high-production value, and this stacked cast? It’s almost too much to handle.

Here’s the premise of the “fantasy-noir set in a neo-Victorian city,” as described by Variety

"Mythical creatures fleeing their war-torn homeland have gathered in the city, and tensions are simmering between citizens and the growing immigrant population. The investigation of a string of unsolved murders begins to eat away at whatever peace still exists."

This will be Cara Delevingne’s first recurring role on a television series, despite previous memorable appearances.

Yeah, we’re totally talking about when she slayed James Corden in a rap battle, ’cause duh. She’s also appeared in a handful of features, like Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Paper Towns, and Suicide Squad.

From the sound of this new role, there will be a lot to bite into:

"Delevingne will play Vignette Stonemoss, a faerish refugee who flees [her] homeland to come to the Burgue, where she must contend not only with rampant human prejudice against her kind, but with the secrets that have followed her to this new place."

We sort of assumed Delevingne was some kind of mythical creature anyway, because of those uh-mazing eyebrows. So this sounds pretty darn perfect. Bring it on, Amazon. We’re beyond ready.

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