Just when we thought Cara Delevingne couldn’t get any more badass

Actress. Model. Humanitarian. Fashion icon. General badass. Is there anything Cara Delevingne can’t do? Now we can add video game heroine to that list, thanks to her totally awesome appearance in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III trailer.

It all starts with the hunky Michael B. Jordan, reporting live from the battlefield and narrating all the action as it happens. He introduces us to an average Joe named Kevin, living out the ultimate gamer fantasy. Guns blaze, fires roar and robots assemble. Kevin runs on walls with a parkour-like ease and slides through water like a pro. NFL running back Marshawn Lynch makes an appearance too, and just when you think the story’s over, our girl Cara drops in—literally—and changes everything.

Here she is totally owning it behind the scenes.

She looks as fabulous as ever in her black getup, and she’s rocking that dewy, smoldery, sweating-it-out look. Oh, and her braid updo is giving us serious hair envy.

Check out the star-studded, action-packed trailer below!


(Featured image via YouTube.)

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