Cara Delevingne dyed her hair a drastic pitch black, and we are living for the goth look

Halloween may have come and gone, but Cara Delevingne’s edgy new hair color just might be enough to tide us goths over for the next 346 days. Yesterday, November 19th, celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak posted Instagram pics of Delevingne rocking a textural bob, dyed a Morticia-worthy black. It’s truly the stuff of our spookiest dreams.

Roszak captioned the post, “Gothic angel,?‍♂️fairy lady, babe all the way, this woman can truly transform into any and all.” We agree with every part of that.

Her first Instagram photo shows Delevingne’s choppy, sexy-frizzy bob. There’s a little bit of a wet look going on here, too, which has us wondering why we can’t all look this effortlessly cool after we jump out of the shower and onto the subway.

"A pic here from a wig test, swipe to see end result," the stylist wrote. "This wig I colored using #BiolageColor natural plant-based hair color. I find it to look more natural and soft but still vibrant plus no chemicals!

In the next shot, Delevingne complements her inky black wig with smudged eyeliner (courtesy of celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern) and a leather biker jacket. This is obviously the only acceptable way to rock this high-key hardcore cut-and-color.

Whether she’s blonde, bleached, or bald, the hair chameleon looks gorgeous in any style she rocks, but this inky black look just might be our favorite for winter.

The comments section on Roszak’s post are seriously supportive of Delevingne’s incredible look, too—but no commenter has us swooning more than Delevingne’s girlfriend Ashley Benson, who posted a series of heart-eye emojis. And they’ve just unseated John Legend and Chrissy Teigen as our favorite celebrity couple.

Honestly, we don’t even care that Delevingne’s new look is just a wig for a photoshoot. Celebrities going goth, even if only temporarily, hit us straight in our black hearts.

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