Cara Delevingne took the athleisure trend to the red carpet

Is there any look we don’t love Cara Delevingne in? The model-turned-actress can rock a completely glammed out ensemble followed by a distinctly sporty one, proving to us that being a fashion chameleon is a skill set we need. And while we love seeing Cara in everything from a LBD to a bodysuit, spotting her in her natural element of ~chill~ is forever the best.

In this case, Delevingne went full Sporty Spice, opting to wear her best athleisure — sneakers and all — to prove that style is a state of mind.


Think Cara’s going to wear something expected like a full track suit? Wrong! She opted for something a bit more unexpected and a lot more daring. By wearing her track pants with an off-the-shoulder striped button-up, Cara keeps the look grounded and sporty without looking like she’s actually about to step onto the field. Coupled with her Privé Revaux sunglasses, Cara looks like she’s ready for whatever comes her way.


Even if you go more sporty than Cara, you can still incorporate some statement makeup into your look. Whether you wear rosy cheeks and raspberry-stained lips, or go for something more (or less) subtle, the key is mixing classic and athletic silhouettes and statements.

Plus, if you want to be totally comfortable, you can grab some sneakers and feel at ease. Cara knows that life, too.


Thanks to this style icon, we will never feel bad about taking our comfort seriously.

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