This Cara Delevigne and Rihanna Puma collab is a match made in heaven

There are some girl squads in Hollywood that give us the kind of friendship goals we aim to find in our own lives. They’re super successful and always seem to be doing collaborations that put all other projects to shame.

That’s a true statement for the collaboration between Cara Delevigne and Rihanna, who are a heaven-made match for Puma.

Refinery29 reports Delevigne, who is always super choosy when it comes to her work because she’s busy as she can be, has decided to join forces with the Princess of Pop, Rihanna, who is behind the super successful Puma collection, Fenty Puma.

The 24-year-old model and actress was just announced as the face of Puma’s new “Do You” initiative, which celebrates and encourages personal empowerment.

The photoshoot’s creative director happens to also be a member of her girl squad. Rihanna signed a multi-year partnership with Puma two years ago, and now has a creative director title. In regards to working with Rihanna, Delevingne told Refinery29 the experience was a good one.


"I really admire both her business mind and her creativity, so working on this campaign together was a really great experience," she told the site, adding that she was also very inspired by working with Rihanna and the opportunity as well.

The first photos have been released featuring Delevingne wearing athleisure and shot in black and white.

What does she think of the clothes she gets to model? Well, she feels how we ALL feel about sporty clothes.

"It’s easy, fresh, cool, and fun. It's not so serious — it's more playful and realistic," she says.

Adding, “I don’t know that it ever left but I love that it is back! I love a tracksuit — always have and always will.”

And we love this collab, ladies!

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