Cara Delevingne just sent the sweetest shoutout to the actress she considers her “girl hero”

Cara Delevingne just wrote the sweetest Insta post about the actress she considers her #GirlHero, and she encourages all of us to choose a #GirlHero, too.

Who was her pick?

None other than Angelina Jolie.

Delevingne’s caption read, “My admiration for Angelina Jolie is endless, I also admire anyone who transforms their pain into power. I admire unruly activists. I admire her continued involvement with the UN as a goodwill ambassador. She is ruthless, determined and unforgiving in her efforts to make a difference for Refugee's. She also inspired me to follow my dreams into acting and have higher goals of one day becoming a director. I have chosen her as my #GirlHero today! Take action today with @girlupcampaign and let me know who your #GirlHero is....

Yep, we’re right there with you, Delevingne.

In addition, the last few weeks have probably been tough for Jolie, given the announcement about her filing for divorce from Brad Pitt — as well as all the media attention it’s gotten. Just think about how difficult a non-celebrity divorce is, then magnify it by a million — everyone knows about it. Can you imagine going to the grocery store and you and your soon-to-be-ex are plastered on every magazine cover for all to see (not to mention all over the Internet)?!



And, ICYMI, just like Delevingne admires Jolie, people admire Delevingne, too — like Nat Wolff, who starred in the film adaptation of Paper Towns with her.

“People think, ‘She’s so hot and so rich — how can she be talented?’ She’s not an airhead model. She is so talented, he told Teen Vogue. “…I hate auditioning. I know how awful it is for actors. Cara came in, and I was the only person in the entire world who hadn’t heard of her. And then she blew me away. She’s the only one who made me feel nervous, because she’s such a spontaneous actress.

Awww. We’ll say.

ICYMI, here’s one of the cute scenes from Paper Towns.


We all need someone to be supportive of us, right?


On that note, we need to go tweet about our #GirlHero.

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