Cara Delevigne accidentally made a stuntman bleed while shooting “Valerian”

Don’t let her pretty face fool you. According to USA Today, model Cara Delevigne packs a lethal punch. In case you missed it, the 24-year-old starlet is coming to theaters as ‘Laureline’ in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. And while busting some killer moves on set, the Suicide Squad actress accidentally made a stuntman bleed!

The gorgeous actress plays a special operative opposite Valerian, played by Dane DeHaan. Valerian, which is said to have inspired Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy, follows the two as they fight to protect the futuristic world of Alpha.

A stuntman bleeding on set should come as no surprise. But, we just didn’t expect it to come at the hands of a supermodel.

It was no big deal, however. And according to Cara, the stuntman handled it like a champ.

She said, "There was one take where, you know, you're acting and you’re into it. And I just clipped him accidentally. There was blood on the armor. I felt very, very bad. But he carried on amazingly."

“No stuntmen were hurt in the making the movie,” she later reassured.

As for kicking butt, Cara’s character does it all. “I did kickboxing,” the model turned actress said. “Whatever Valerian needs to do to get out of a situation, she does. She masters every style.”

Maybe it was just the excitement. Or maybe the action scenes are just that bad ass. Either way, this just let us know how much we wouldn’t want to be on Cara’s bad side.

Unfortunately for us, we’ll have to wait to see Cara in futuristic hero form until July 21. And in case our excitement and anticipation starts to get the best of us before, we’ll just pray for more on set sneak peeks — but with less blood, of course.

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