A car spun out of control and then righted itself on a highway like in a Jason Bourne movie

There are some things in life you truly have to see to believe, and this car spinning out of control on a major highway, somehow ending up in reverse (while facing oncoming traffic), and then righting itself — without hurting a single person — is one of those things. Seriously guys, our adrenaline is pumping after this.

The incident occurred in Southern Florida on I-95 and was captured via dashcam by a driver who happened to be on the highway that day. The car, a Saturn, attempts to merge into its right lane without signaling, but then must quickly return to its original lane to avoid another car. The last-minute move caused the Saturn to spin out in what appears to be every driver’s worst nightmare.

But, miraculously, disaster was avoided.

Take a look (and make sure you’re sitting down because it’s stressful AF):


We’re honestly not sure if everything turned out okay because of the driver’s incredible Jason Bourne-like skills or because of good old-fashioned luck, but we are sure this is likely a story the driver and all witnesses will never, ever forget.

Let this be a lesson. ALWAYS USE YOUR SIGNAL. And stay alert while on the road, people.

h/t Mashable