This car encased in ice is the stuff of our winter nightmares

I guess we can’t pretend winter isn’t here any longer. Upstate New York is bracing for some seriously harsh weather, including nine to eighteen inches of snow, but the craziest part might have already happened. Locals are completely in awe of this car parked by Lake Erie that got entirely covered in ice overnight, turning into the scariest ice sculpture you’ve ever seen, or the getaway car of a snow-themed superhero.

According to ABC, the waves from Lake Erie rose over the car thanks to the 47 mph winds and then froze due to the low temperature, covering not just the car but everything around it in a thick layer of unforgiving ice.

“I don’t even know if pictures do it justice of just how insane this image is,” WKBW reporter Matt Bove, who snapped the photo above, said. “It seems like there are several inches of…thick ice around the car.”

If this picture isn’t doing it justice, then I don’t think we even want to see the real thing. Anyone else up for just crawling back into bed?

(Image via Twitter)

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