This horrific car accident shows why parents should securely buckle their kids up every single time

“You never think it will happen to you,” says Jenna Casado Rabberman of her insanely disastrous car wreck. Jenna spoke out on Facebook about the horrific car accident that proved why car seats are important this week, explaining in a few posts how her Honda CRV was totaled when another driver hit her at full speed. Luckily, she and her sons, ages six weeks and two years old, emerged completely unscathed thanks to those few extra seconds she took to buckle them in properly.

The post has received tons of responses, ranging from well wishes to inquiries about what brand of car seats the kids were in (if this is not a ringing endorsement, what is?). And it seems all moms and dads are agreeing on one very important thing: buckling your kids in each and every time you drive can and will save their lives.

“Sending thanks to God for keeping us safe,” posted Rabberman. “(along with Honda, Graco and Chicco),” she added.

The family, who stopped for milk on the way home from preschool, were totally blindsided by the event, but will “be fine,” according to Rabberman. She stressed that even though kids may protest being buckled too tightly or sitting rear facing, their safety is key and there’s a reason we take the time to secure them. Even the shortest trip (“We were minutes from home,” includes Rabberman in her post) requires a full buckle down.

We are so, so relieved to know that this mom, infant, and toddler are doing okay. This post is going viral for a reason, and although it’s definitely scary to know that accidents like this happen, it’s a relief to know that lives can be protected with just a few simple clicks.