You may never know whether or not you’re a robot since Google is losing this test

In what is bittersweet news for the internet, Google has finally phased out the “I am not a robot” CAPTCHA test. It will be missed. The ‘“I am not a robot” test was a quick way to determine if you were, in fact, human. You had to check a box declaring that you were not a robot, and sometimes type some words or numbers written in weird-looking fonts. These tests are called CAPTCHAs, which stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” (Say that five times fast!)

What Google is rolling out next to replace it is completely sci-fi.

The new test will analyze your browsing habits, and you don’t have to click anything at all.

According to Gizmodo, Google’s replacement is an “invisible captcha.” It will involve quickly analyzing your browsing habits to determine if you are a human or robot. Because a human’s browsing habits would be a little more organic, and a robot’s habits would be more automated.

While it is totally cool that the future is here, this does feel a little weird. Robotic tests determining if we’re robots, without us even knowing the tests are being conducted? Gizmodoalso points out that this would probably mean you’d have to be logged in all the time to Google and other platforms to pass the test. We’ll mostly just miss this wacky test that is just checking if you’re human or robot. Like you’d tell the truth if you were secretly a robot, come on! Robots are way smarter than that!

So farewell, “I am not a robot” box! You will be missed, and we will always be left wondering: Are we robots?