This internet-famous dog’s mysterious backstory was finally discovered — and it will 100% make you cry

If you’re the type of person who cries at the end of movies like Homeward Bound, this story might trigger some serious waterworks. Captain Ron, a Great Pyrenees-Rottweiler mix, is a resident over at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, a Tennessee-based home for elderly dogs that’s become internet-famous thanks to its adorable and often-updated Facebook page.

As documented by Buzzfeed, Captain Ron was taken in by Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary as a stray two years ago. Well, thanks to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary’s internet fame, Captain Ron’s original owners spotted a photo of their long-lost pup and finally found out what happened to him.

Captain Ron’s original owners had long given up on finding their beloved pet.

“He went missing about 2 years ago. I really thought he was dead. Every day I was hoping that I would hear about him returning, the original owner wrote in an email. “I am so happy that he is being taken care of so well.

The original owners shared Captain Ron’s story and some photos of him as a young pup with Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.

They even revealed that his original name was Oscar!

And he’d lost his eye before coming to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, so he’s been rocking a handsome pirate look for a while.

Since Oscar/Captain Ron is pretty up there in age and his original owners now live in a different state, they decided that it wouldn’t be fair to pull him out of the sanctuary. Instead, they are going to let him live out the remainder of his life surrounded by his new dog friends and family. The owners of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary post pictures of Captain Ron all the time and joke about how grumpy he was in the beginning.

Clearly, that was just a phase, because Captain Ron enjoys company and likes to sleep in doorways to block traffic. Everyone loves a good prankster!

It’s wonderful to see a beautiful dog enjoying his life, and hopefully more stories like this can come out of the wonderful work the sanctuary does.