Comic book Captain Marvel just gave future IRL Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, the cutest shoutout

Comic books just gave the best shoutout to one of our favorite actresses, who will be playing one of their coolest heroes. Brie Larson will play Captain Marvel in Avengers: Infinity War as well as subsequent Marvel movies. Brie’s role is a huge deal, because there aren’t many female superheroes in the Marvel movie universe so far. We can’t wait to see her kick butt in the movies, and it sounds like we aren’t the only ones. In an issue of Spider-man/Deadpool, the character of Captain Marvel is featured, and she had something to say about the actress who will soon play her.

Captain Marvel gave Brie Larson a shoutout in the comic book, and it’s totally sweet.

Brie Larson posted this frame from the comic book on Instagram. It shows Captain Marvel talking about her movie tastes, and there’s a particular actress she really wants to see.

In her speech bubble, Captain Marval says, "No. I wanted Room with Brie Larson. Not The Room—side note, you know this guy is an alien, right? He's a wanted criminal. The Guardians have been looking for him for years."

LOL, that’s fantastic. We would definitely take Brie Larson’s award-winning performance in Room over the weirdness that is The Room any day! We’re glad to see that the original comic book world is embracing Brie as the future movie version. Because comic book fans are important in getting everyone excited about the new movies. Not that we need that much encouragement, because we can’t wait!

Captain Marvel will appear first in Avengers: Infinity War in May of 2018.

We’re as excited as comic book Captain Marvel to see Brie Larson kick butt.