The Captain Marvel challenge is raising money for girls to see the film—and you can help

In anticipation of the upcoming Captain Marvel—Marvel’s first film starring and centered around a female superhero—philanthropic organizations Girls Inc. and We Have Stories linked up to raise money to send young girls to see the film for free.

"Everyone should have an opportunity to see women in roles they can aspire to one day be, roles that show women as strong, smart and bold. From a teacher to a fighter pilot—or a superhero. This is an opportunity to continue to empower girls to be just that," reads the Captain Marvel Challenge GoFundMe's description. "We want to help girls from various backgrounds have the opportunity to see the film by providing tickets and renting out theaters."

The fundraiser is organized by Frederick Joseph, founder of We Have Stories and creator of last year’s Black Panther Challenge, which CNN says raised nearly $800,000 to send kids all over the world to see the historic film. In a statement, Joseph revealed why Captain Marvel is the perfect film to continue this philanthropic tradition.

"The lead character, Carol Danvers, is not only a superhero, she's also an athlete and fighter pilot," he said. "She is a prime example of the fact that women can do anything, and there isn't a better person to be playing her than Brie Larson, who has been one of the faces of numerous feminist movements such as TIME'S UP. I am inspired by Brie and women around the globe and look forward to sending as many girls as possible to see this film."

The GoFundMe has raised $15,407 of its $20,000 goal. Since Captain Marvel doesn’t hit theaters until March 8th, 2019, you still have time to donate.