Disneyland’s Captain America talking to a guest in sign-language will make you happy cry

America’s star-spangled man with a plan has once again just proved that he owns our WHOLE heart (aside from the whole, “currently part of Hydra” thing going on right now).

Last week, a visitor to Disney’s California Adventure theme park in Anaheim, California, happened to catch a quick, ridiculously heartwarming moment between a guest and Captain America. Keep in mind that this isn’t actually *the* Captain America, and this isn’t *the* Chris Evans, but rather the nice gentleman who gets to wake up every single day and put on the Captain American suit and greet guests in California Adventure. Got that?

The moment is this, and it’s perfect: a guest and Captain America have a conversation in sign language. This is MAJOR. When you meet one of the characters in a park, usually they don’t talk. If you’re meeting a princess, they might say a few quick princess-y things to you before your photo opt is over. Never are you going to find a character that can talk, but will then also talk to you in sign language, too.

Well, until Captain America came along.

Just look at the smile on the guest’s face, because it gets bigger and bigger with each new word and phrase that Cap signs. It’s safe to assume that this kind of interaction does not happen every day at the parks, which is why this one is so special. Imagine meeting your favorite superhero, and actually being able to carry on a conversation with them, hearing disability aside.

(Though none of us here at HelloGiggles are fluent in ASL, after lots of Googling, we’ve been able to decipher that the guest *might* be telling Cap he’s from Boston.)

The hug is the best part. We want to bottle that hug up and save it for rainy days when we’re feeling down. Way to go, Cap.


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