Whoops, someone forgot to tell Chris Evans that Captain America has switched sides

Attention: there will be spoilers for Captain America: Civil War ahead. There will also be spoilers for the newest Captain American issue, Steve Rogers. And on top of that, this is also going to be super awkward.

As you’re probably well aware by this point — and if not, welcome — the Marvel Universe is HUGE and constantly expanding. We’ve got movies, we’ve got TV shows, and we’ve also got what started it all, the comics. By this point, many of these stories are trudging down completely different story paths, but that doesn’t mean they’re never going to overlap.

They could. They might. Then our Captain America is going to have to turn EVIL.

Yes, in the latest Captain America story, Steve Rogers — the first in a new series — it’s revealed that all along, THIS WHOLE TIME, Steve Rogers has been a member of…Hydra, the secret awful organization that has been slowly growing from within S.H.I.E.L.D., and even managed to take it down in Captain America: Winter Soldier. They’ve got a lovely motto, “Cut off one limb and two more shall take its place!” Everything about Hydra is bad news.


This is some pretty big bombshell to drop on anyone, let alone Captain America, and everyone forgot to tell Chris Evans about it. Late Wednesday night, he Tweeted out his reaction, which is just as startled as us. A big ‘ol WTF?? false

The movies we’ve perviously seen in the MCU do not set up this Hydra path for Steve, but hey, it could happen. At the end of Civil War he’s once again a rogue agent, no longer working with the Avengers. He frees Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Ant-Man from prison, and that’s not a very Captain America thing to do. So maybe, this Hydra thing is coming for him in the movies, too. Evans better start practicing his Hydra salute. It could happen.

On the plus side, Bucky’s been there and back to Hydra, so maybe he could help his BF (~boyfriend~) out with this sudden shock.