This hilarious “Captain America: Civil War” gag reel is exactly what we needed today

We treat superhero movies with such reverence that we sometimes forget what they really are: action movies with men and women in tights. Luckily, the Captain America: Civil War gag reel is exactly what we needed to remind us of that fact. Full of funny faces, cursing, and screw-ups, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


All we really want is to see what goes on behind the scenes when these movies get shot, and blooper reels are the closest we can get to that fantasy. It also doesn’t hurt to see men like Chris Evans break on camera in the middle of a scene. He’s got a lot of comedic chops, and the trajectory of his career sometimes makes us miss that — and bloopers remind us of how funny he is!

We cannot be the only people who loved seeing Black Widow kick butt and give that look to the camera! What a woman! Also, Robert Downey Jr. cracking up as a stunt goes wrong is priceless. He is absolutely Iron Man, whether on- or off-screen.

The movies are very demanding. You have to act while being very physical, often doing take after take of the same stunt. It’s awesome to see the actors having so much fun on set, even when under the pressure to deliver great performances and action.