Captain America and Agent Carter just helped two superfans get engaged and it’s the cutest

It’s official: Chris Evans is a real-life superhero. When he isn’t hanging with kiddos or making generous donations, he’s making his fans smile any way he can. This past weekend he appeared at Comic-Con in Salt Lake City with some of his Captain America co-stars, and gave two fans in particular a weekend they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

During a photo op with co-star Hayley Atwell, a Captain America doppelganger dropped to one knee and proposed to his Black Widow-ed out girlfriend. She said yes, of course, and before the two celebrities could process what happened, they were engaged. The looks on Hayley’s face is absolutely priceless!

Kelsey Jenkins is engaged, and she wants to say a big THANK YOU to Hayley and Chris for being there. We can’t tell who’s more excited: the bride-to-be, or the actress! Chris Evans was honored to be part of their proposal, and all of the special moments that happened throughout the weekend.

Hayley was, too.

All in a Comic-Con’s day’s work. Chris and Hayley seem so down-to-earth, and genuinely grateful for the chance to share personal moments like these with their fans. We think the panelists have just as much fun as the fans do at these events—if not more!

Featured image via Twitter