Everything You Need to Know If Your Zodiac Sign Is Capricorn

You bosses know how to get sh*t done.

It’s time to get to work, Capricorn—not that you need any reminding. As the most ambitious sign of the zodiac, you are keenly attuned to getting what you want. And whether it’s in your personal or professional life, you always know how to crush your goals. When the sun enters your house (the tenth natal sign of the zodiac), we leave behind the happy-go-lucky energy of Sagittarius in the lead-up to the holidays and harness a newfound determination—this time, one that’s rooted in realism and practicality. 

It’s no coincidence that Capricorn season encompasses the start of a new year, as this cosmic shift often motivates us to buckle down and dedicate ourselves to getting what we want out of life. Break out the pen and paper, Caps and friends: Now’s the time to write down (and manifest) those New Year’s resolutions.

If you are a Capricorn, this season may feel more stressful than others as the pressure you place on yourself to climb the metaphorical ladder of success and check off ambitious goals can be magnified. But don’t allow yourself to be pigeonholed by the idea that your sign is boring or buttoned-up. Just because you’re a goal-getter doesn’t mean you don’t like to have fun!

If you’re not a Capricorn, you might find yourself deeply pensive about what your concrete definition of success is. What does your path to advancement through the world look like? What do you want to get out of the next calendar year? Commit yourself not just to accomplishment but to mastery at this time. 

To get a better picture of Capricorn’s personality, we talked to our resident astrologist, Lisa Stardust. Here’s everything you need to know about these dedicated mountain goats. 

Birth Dates: December 22nd – January 20th

Symbol: The mountain goat

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Quality: Cardinal

Season: Winter

Your defining traits:

Put simply, Capricorns are disciplined as hell. When they want something, they get it, and they’ll work tirelessly to make sure it all happens just as they planned. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of commitment, responsibility, and boundaries, and Stardust explains that their defining traits are “pragmatic, ambitious, determined, and persistent.” As an earth sign, their personality is grounded in reliability and consistency, and they’re the kind of friend who is both loyal and trustworthy—for life. Capricorns may have unmatched ambition, but that doesn’t make them stodgy. They also have a crazy and fun side that comes out among close friends. 

Who you’re compatible with:

According to Stardust, “Capricorn is an earth sign, which means that they get along best with other earth signs (Taurus and Virgo) because they all have the same work ethic and tender sentiments.”  She says they also get along well with the air sign Gemini, as they share the same dry, witty sense of humor. Additionally, Stardust says that Capricorns vibe with water signs Scorpio and Pisces due to their ability to help Cap “grow and evolve their artistic and emotional behaviors.”

Your ideal career path:

Because you are motivated by an innate desire for tangible, real-world achievement and success, your career ends up being a huge part of how you find meaning in life. You don’t mind the hustle; in fact, you thrive on it. You are an attentive leader who can perceive the needs of others and quantify reasonable solutions to have those needs met, making you a clear manager for any team. But Stardust explains that Capricorns are more than just hard workers; “they’re incredibly reflective,” she says. As such, a career in which you have to think about life on a deeper level is ideal for you. “Since you like to see all perspectives, you make great reporters, journalists, CEOs, therapists, and doctors,” according to Stardust. 

Your ultimate purpose in life:

As a natural-born leader with a lust for power, Stardust says that your ultimate purpose in life is to “take the lead and to be in charge.” You have a unique knack for using your power fairly and understanding the needs of others, and when you have an open dialogue with others, they feel seen, heard, and understood. You go, boss.

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