Capricorn season begins this week, so expect a major political shift to happen in 2020

While Capricorn season begins on Sunday, December 22nd, the first week of the season might feel entirely different than usual. Why? Because this Capricorn season will involve a lot of Aquarius energy with Venus in Aquarius and the sun forming an aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Plus, this energy is expanding even more with Jupiter in Capricorn, too. But enough technical jargon—let’s discuss on how this will affect our everyday lives, shall we?

Because this Capricorn season starts with Aquarius values—liberation, authenticity, sense of freedom, progress, and innovation—we can expect rebellious energy. During this time, we’re searching for more fairness, justice, independence, and freedom. Of course, this pertains to the individual and the collective. And because of this, we can expect movement happening with collective causes, including political ones.

Keep in mind, this season will start with a boom. There will be a desire to find more stability, abundance, and freedom.

However, the rest of the season will get back to the regular Capricorn routine, with a focus on tradition, family, and community. It is the holiday season after all, and whether we’re spending it traditionally or not, we can’t help but feel it in the air.

Unfortunately, the middle of January will be a little intense for our personal lives and collective energy. During this time, we will progressively look deeper into our core values and reassess whether or not our current personal or professional lives are in alignment with what we want for the future.

Politically speaking, the cosmos will reflect some significant and powerful changes in January. Because Capricorn rules everything related to finance, business, government, and politics, we can expect some explosions (or implosions) in these sectors come January 2020. 

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