This singer gives Spice Girl’s “Wannabe” a dreamy, synthy 2016 makeover and we can’t stop listening

Let’s all just be honest with ourselves for a second: ever since the Spice Girls broke up, there’s been a gaping hole in our hearts. Phew, it feels good to get that out. And also, prepare for that void in your life to be filled! Not by the Spice Girls exactly, but hear us out.

The massive hit “Wannabe” has been covered by an up-and-coming electro-indie pop artist from Nashville named CAPPA

The girl behind the magic is Carla Cappa, and she boasts a sizzling, sultry, sexy, soulful sound that gives this track a unique low-key vibe. While we’re waiting impatiently for the Spice Girls reunion tour, this cover really is our everything.

See what we’re talking about?! Even with the song in this stripped-down form, it still maintains the attitude of the original track. And by that, we mean it’s oozing with girl power.

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Here’s a thought; CAPPA should cover all the Spice Girls songs!

We know she has her own music to do and everything, but seriously, there’s potential there. Or how about just one more song? “Say you’ll be there”? “Stop”? “Who do you think you are”? CAPPA, are you listening? This is important! We have wants and needs.

BRB. Going to listen to CAPPA’s version of “Wannabe” on repeat. Can we just go ahead and call this the anthem of 2016?

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