We can’t wait to get our hands on Kat Von D Beauty’s mysterious new makeup palettes

After announcing the release date of the much-anticipated Serpentina eyeshadow set, Kat Von D Beauty didn’t even give fans a chance to catch their breath before teasing two more palettes on Instagram. The first sneak peek, which was a video Kat posted on her personal Instagram, shows the symbiotogram design she created for her upcoming Metal + Matte shadows. In the clip, you can see how Kat’s sketch reads “Metal,” but when she flips the paper upside down, it says “Matte.” SO FREAKY.

The next reveal is even trippier. A video on Kat Von D’s insta shows her holding a triangle-shaped compact with a white iridescent finish. This is Kat’s ~mysterious~ Alchemist palette. “Do you guys remember the artwork of the letter “A” that I drew the other day?” she writes in the caption. “Well, today after SEVEN YEARS of working on a super special formula, I got to see [and hold] the first componant [sic] prototype in my hands!!!” She then warns, “Don’t even try and guess what this special “palette” is, cuz I promise you won’t!”

She REALLY knows how to get her fans excited. While some are speculating that Alchemist could be a highlighter, others are guessing that the palette will contain duochrome shadows, similar to her Shade Shifter palette, which includes colors that transform to different colors depending on how the light hits it. Popsugar points to a previous post where Kat referenced an eyeshadow formula she has been working on for several years so that adds more fuel to the fire. Something this magical WOULD make sense — especially with the “Alchemist” name.

Kat, our curiosity is severely piqued! Sadly, we’ll have to wait until 2017 when Alchemist is scheduled to release to find out just WHAT it is, unless she hooks us up with more clues. In the meantime, we’re excited for her coffin-shaped Shade+Light Eye Contour Quads, which are available now at Sephora.

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