We can’t stop watching this video of a robot making sushi

There’s groundbreaking technology being developed just about every single day, but one of the latest tasks robots are poised to take over? Making sushi. 


Okay, there’s not *actually* a plan in the works to replace sushi chefs with robot counterparts.

Rather, these robot arms are the product of machinery (and others) company Kawasaki, who showcased these spry steely appendages as part of a larger robotics showroom.

There are countless ways you could test your robot arms’ dexterity: By striking a ball with a racket, perhaps, or playing the piano. But the use of sushi-making as a means of showing prowess and finesse is a particularly effective choice because of the art’s collective cultural reverence. We all know making sushi is a noble (and delicious) task, an opinion informed by breathless documentation like the film Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Sure, this robot sushi showcase doesn’t have the arms grinding up fresh wasabi or anything, but even the use of squeeze tube green stuff doesn’t put off from the overall “Whoaaa” impression.

While it’s not clear if folks at the showroom could actually sample Kawasaki’s robot sushi, we hope that some lucky employee got to sample the goods. Watch a (sadly, pretty short) demonstration of Kawasaki’s sushi-making robot arms below: