We can’t stop watching this otter eating snacks, and you won’t be able to, either

Okay, first, I want to ask a question. If you were to put a bowl of food in front of an otter, how do you think they’d eat it? Like a dog or a cat? With a spoon or a fork? Really think about it for a second. I’ll give you a minute.


Okay, time’s up! What was your answer? To be honest, it probably doesn’t matter, because chances are, you are wrong. THIS, is how otters eat from a bowl, and it’s the cutest thing we have ever seen:

They grab the snack, lean back, throw it in their mouth, and repeat. How glorious. This otter is super adorable, and looks way too much like I look when I’m lounging in bed eating chips and watching Netflix — though I’m not nearly as cute about it. Though this user posted the video to Instagram about two weeks ago, someone picked it up and posted it on Twitter, and it’s been making the rounds there, too. false

People are saying that the little otter should have their own set of forks and spoons, and that they’re thankful for the little spot of joy in their day and on their timeline. We couldn’t agree more, so thanks little otter! Keep on snackin.