Can’t stop staring at Vanessa Hudgens’ gorgeously epic new hair

While other celebrities are experimenting with shorter, shaggy hairstyles for spring, Vanessa Hudgens decided to go in the opposite direction. The Grease: Live actress used Instagram to show off a new ultra-long, curly look that seems inspired by the hair of ‘90s-era Julia Roberts. It. Is. GORGEOUS.

Even though Vanessa recently posted a picture of herself taking hair vitamins, her locks did not magically grow overnight. The new ‘do is courtesy of hair extensions, done by Nine Zero One salon — the same peeps responsible for Julianne Hough’s wavy new perm.

Vanessa, who has been filming the pilot for the new superhero comedy, Powerless, might be getting her hair ready for Coachella. The actress, who is a regular attendee of the annual music festival, is the queen of the boho-inspired Coachella look. This new hair is PERFECT for the event. Now we can’t wait to see what she wears with it!

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