We can’t look away from this girl applying 100 layers of foundation to her face

Josefin Lillakas, AKA Jeely, is a YouTuber who has taken it upon herself to see what happens when she applies 100 layers of things to her face. Last month, she applied 100 layers of mascara onto her eyelashes, and the results were… chunky.

For her most recent experiment, she decided to apply 100 layers of foundation to her face, and it’s giving us some serious heebie-jeebies. But like, we can’t stop watching, because even though it gives us anxiety watching so much makeup being lathered onto a face, it’s pretty satisfying knowing it will all come off at the end (even though she only uses dry toilet paper to wipe it off initially, making our skin crawl, and likely hers too).

Lillakas almost lost us when her hair gets stuck on her sticky face. In fact, it’s hard to even write about it. But aside from that terrible, awful, no good, clingy moment — it’s worth watching. Just because. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

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