Jennifer Love Hewitt wants a ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ reunion movie to happen, and SO DO WE

Once somebody proposes a truly great idea, it gets stuck in our heads until it becomes a reality. We can’t help it! So when Jennifer Love Hewitt suggested a Can’t Hardly Wait reunion movie on Twitter yesterday, our brains practically exploded. We love CHW and want to see what’s happened to these characters!

Jennifer is definitely on board to make this happen. How on board? Enough to send THIS glorious tweet yesterday:

Her followers jumped on the idea immediately, tweeting their support, offering to sign online petitions and even using #CantHardlyWaitReunion. A lot of caps locks and exclamation points were involved.

What prompted the idea? Maybe the back to school season has JLH feeling nostalgic for senior year. Or maybe it was this past weekend’s screening of CHW at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in LA. Whatever it was, we’re all about it.

You know what else is awesome? We kind of know where to begin with the story!

Remember the text at the end of the movie? “Seven hours later, Preston  got on a train to Boston. Amanda wrote him a letter for every day that he was away. They are still together.”

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