We can’t get over the way this woman transformed into every Disney princess using her hijab

We are in complete and total awe of a makeup artist from Malaysia who can completely transform herself into every single Disney princess with nothing but her palette and hijab. Saraswati, who goes by @queenofluna on Instagram, is beyond talented when it comes to applying makeup. But we’re equally impressed with the way she twists her hijab into different shapes so that it looks like animated Disney-esque hair. TBH it’s amazing.

WHOA, right? Check her out as Belle…

But seriously, we’ve never seen anything quite as gorgeous as Saraswati’s Pocahontas:

She can even braid her hijab to look like Elsa from Frozen.

Her Tinkerbell look is MAGICAL.

For Chinese New Year, she did this stunning tribute to Mulan.

Here she is as Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

She totally rocks as Princess Jasmine, despite the fact that she’s never even seen Aladdin!

In her IG bio, Saraswati calls herself a Disnerd (we so feel you, girl!), so it comes as no surprise that her Disney villain game is strong, too.

Hide your spotted puppies, because here she is as Cruella de Vil.

Saraswati transforms herself into lots of other non-Disney amazing looks too, including Kylie Jenner (!) and comic book characters. Visit her on Instagram to check them all out.

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