We cannot get over Britney Spears’ glam-goth Instagram post

We’ve seen a lot of incarnations of Britney Spears over the years,  but never like this.

In a new Insta post that has us oddly fascinated, Britney is rocking a total glam goth vibe, black lipstick and all. Even though it’s digitally enhanced, we’re LOVING this new look. Oh, and she’s also blowing bubbles in slow motion.

Britney posted the vid yesterday and captioned it “Bubblicious Sundays are usually the BEST.” We have to agree. This IS the best. TBH we can’t stop watching it. Color us mesmerized.

Maybe it’s because we’re so used to seeing Britney like this:

Completely adorable, of course. But way to keep us on our toes with the crazy new post, Brit.

We can’t help but wonder what exactly was happening on Bubblicious Sunday. Was that a slumber party? Because it sort of looks like it was.


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