Cannabis-infused water is a thing now, and it sounds brilliant — here’s what we know about it

The next time you’re dying of thirst during an intense workout sesh, you could very well find yourself reaching for a bottle of cannabis-infused water. Yes, there’s officially a gift for the happy little stoner in your life who also likes to go hard in the gym.

According to Eater, a company called Puration is responsible for the weed water (ha), but just like Whoopi Goldberg’s marijuana tampons, EVERx CBD Infused Bottled Water won’t get you high, which is probably best for you and the treadmill.

The cannibinoid-infused product doesn’t actually contain THC, but hopefully the benefits will make up for the absence of easy, breezy ~vibes~.

Like other weed products that have recently hit the market, the water is said to ease muscle spasms, reduce nausea, as well as serve as an anti-inflammatory and sleep aid.

Additionally, the possibility of using CBD as a way to treat sports-related head injuries is currently being researched.

Gym rats are probably on cloud nine right about now, and we totally get it, but as always, we have to point out that sipping marijuana water in between sets *probably* won’t be an option for anyone who isn’t living in a state where recreational weed is legal.

If that happens to be you, then here’s a sad face emoji from yours truly. After hearing about weed coffee pods or this glorious recipe for weed margaritas, we totally wouldn’t blame anyone who suddenly felt the need to pack up and relocate to a weed-friendly state.