It’s October 1st, so the fight over candy corn is officially in full-swing again

It’s finally Halloween season (that’s totally a thing), and with that comes so very many things. Spooky Halloween decorations everywhere, a plethora of haunted houses to attend, the best horror movies of the year… And of course, the annual Great Candy Corn Debate. This candy is weirdly divisive as a snack food. Some people love it and look forward to it every year. Some people find it to be like eating tiny multicolored pieces of wax and question the sanity of anybody who feels otherwise. (Ahem.)

The candy corn discourse started early this year, with Disney’s introduction of candy corn soft serve and this candy corn pizza making the rounds online. But not that it’s officially October, things are really getting heated. After year after year of engaging in the same argument, Twitter came out swinging.

So let the Great Candy Corn Debate begin once more.

The creative names people find to refer to this cursed food* really deserve some kind of awards show to properly celebrate them.

*their opinion, obviously, not ours, although

Seriously, do people just mull this over all year so they have the perfect shade to throw when October rolls around?

Some people have gotten REAL serious about taking sides.


Some people are so serious that they want to take this fight to the STREETS.

Candy corn fight club? Y/N?

There would be more than a few members, clearly.

Okay, let’s not kid — there would be a lot of members. Turns out, there are an alarming amount of people super down to physically fight over this treat.

For some people, the debate gets PERSONAL.

Wiser people stay clear of this debate, and we admire their restraint. It must be hard to keep such passion to yourself.


Wherever you land on the debate, at least we can all agree on one thing! These tweets are hilarious.

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