These candy corn-inspired nails will rock your Halloween world, even if you don’t like candy corn!

With every new season and new holidays that approaches, the excitement builds. When it comes to Halloween, people express their excitement through Halloween decorations, wearing costumes, carving pumpkins, and eating tons of candy (the latter is just based on principle).

Another way people are expressing their preparedness for Halloween this year is through nail art. Obviously, nail art is nothing new, but CANDY CORN nail art is new to us! And we’re absolutely loving what we’re seeing.

Seriously, we’re always in awe of people who are legit badass nail artists. But nail art that looks edible is taking it to a whole other delicious level.

We get that some people don’t like candy corn (we aren’t those people, but everyone’s taste buds are different), but the good news is — you can rock candy corn fashion and you don’t even need to eat it.

People are getting all kinds of creative with their candy corn nails, and surprisingly, they’re all pretty different.

And some have hints of chocolate, which we’re super into.

We’re not sure how this lady picks anything up, but we’re still digging her nails.

Will you be trying candy corn nail art this season? If you do, send us pics!

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