These candy corn Jell-O shots are perfect for your Halloween drinking game needs

Depending on which side of the candy corn debate you fall on, these candy corn Jell-O shots will either become the star of your favorite drinking game or the subject of your most terrifying beverage-related nightmare. But since we think eating candy corn at light speed should totally be declared a national pastime (seriously, no candy corn slander allowed), we’re obviously down to throw back our fair share of these delightfully sugary shots.

Spotted at Cosmopolitan, the candy-inspired drinks are the perfect way to get your Halloween bash off to a good (and tipsy) start. First off, look how colorful and cute they are! By our assessment, they’re worth at least a 30-second pre-gulp glance.

The drinks consists of three separate layers that are basically achieved by boiling water, adding Jell-O and vodka, then allowing it to cool. Unfortunately, the shots don’t contain actual candy corn, but um, we’re sure the cup and a half of booze the candy corn shot recipe calls for will make up for that.


Considering how obsessed we are with this candy, we’re already wondering how these shots would taste if they were inspired by brunch-flavored candy corn.